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Name of the partner

Region of Attica



 Region of Attica is the second degree self-administrative unit of the Local Administration. It is responsible for planning and implementing political decisions on economic, social and cultural developments in a regional level, according to the national and European policies. Among its responsibilities, Region of Attica participates in the implementation of several European projects within the frame of various E.U Programs and initiatives.

More information on the website: http://www.patt.gov.gr


Role in the project



Activities in the project


Region of Attica is one of the partners of the project and participates in almost all the planned activities and actions. Together with the other two Greek partners, BIC of Attica and Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, are elaborating the thematic field of Serious Games and Edutainment in general. Region of Attica is actively participating in the Pilot Project s aiming to promote the thematic field of Serious Games and Edutainment. More specifically Region of Attica co-organizes laboratories and workshops and participates in the deep research and analysis of the prospects of the Serious Games. Moreover Region of Attica is responsible for the organisation of a Congress and a Knowledge Fair in Athens.

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