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CEEI Valencia: Valencia Business and Innovation Centre



The Business Innovation Centers are organizations that support entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs. They are focused on entrepreneurs with a business idea/project and those SMEs of recent creation that wish to innovate and/or diversify their products or services.

CEEI Valencia (BIC Valencia) is a non profit organization, founded in 1991 under the initiative of the Valencian Government and the Institute for Small and Medium Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana (IMPIVA), in order to promote innovation and business creation in the Province. CEEI Valencia supports companies after their creation, giving them advice for their consolidation and growth.

CEEI Valencia administers one of the main web sites in Spain, in number of visits, related to innovation and entrepreneurship support: http://ceeivalencia.emprenemjunts.es/

CEEI Valencia manages a Business Center, with 4.375m2 of built surface, 7 industrial modules and 21 offices for recently created companies. The Business Center offers several services associated with the modules, such as fully equipped offices, 24/7 access, safety systems, ICT services, infrastructure (boardrooms, meeting rooms, lounge of acts, classrooms, parking, etc.).

CEEI Valencia offers to entrepreneurs and Innovative SMEs the following services:

  • Identification of initiatives and managerial project and motivation to entrepreneurs for the development of new business idea
  • Orientation and managerial information about markets, technology, financing, legal steps, etc.
  • Business plan across a proper system that analyzes project chances and strategy for its development. Training for the acquisition of managerial knowledge
  • Accommodation and infrastructure during initial critical years in the Business Centre.
  • Supporting services for the companies, focused on development and consolidation for incipient projects (Advice on marketing, management, internationalization, financing, business opportunities, innovation, etc.)

CEEI Valencia optimizes knowledge, experience and new methodologies thanks to the collaboration with those firms that have been joining the mission to support entrepreneurs and companies from their particular points of view.


  • Universities and academic institutions: support with the beginning of innovative projects
  • Technological Institutes: Assistance with project supported by BIC Valencia and new projects development with technological base
  • National, Regional and Local Institutions: Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Education and Science, GD of SME, CDTI, IMPIVA, etc.

Local Development

  • Collaborations with working Sessions, Seminars, Courses and assistants to Local Development Agents on issues related to companies creation and consolidation.
  • Collaboration in EU programmes of Local Development

Other entities

- Financial Entities (Banks, Saving Banks, Valencia Institute of Financing, etc.) Valencian Youth Institute, Women General Direction, Chamber of Commerce, etc.


Activities in the Project

Innovative initiatives for the sustainable development of rural areas based on an intelligent use of energy

The Valencia Region Focus aims to generate innovative measures to raise awareness on energy issues, principally addressed to housewives, farmers, municipalities and micro SMEs, in order to increase energy sustainability of rural areas in the Valencia Region and promote their dynamization, growth and development. We intend to increase energy sustainability of these areas and describe, from an innovative approach, alternatives in energy production and better use of energy through the dissemination of good practices and use of renewable energies and increase energy efficiency in their processes. In this sense, we have gathered main actors of the Region in each technology that may be implemented in these areas, in order to know the best technology available and its possibilities of application in rural areas (in hotels, farms, houses, municipalities, etc.)

It is considered Production and consumption, and the way final users daily life may became more sustainable, while offering rural areas an innovative way to assure a sustainable development of their activities.

Thus, the Laboratories and the Workshops will allow to gather and to share, among stakeholders, good practices that may have an impact on a more sustainable energy system, through a more intelligent use of energy.

The reduction in energy consumption is not only considered on a direct for, but also indirect. For instance, the Focus considers recycling, reusing and reduction of any material/object which could be recycled or be used more that just once.

On the other hand, the Focus considers the implementation of best technology available, which might be already in the market, but, for any reason has not yet been implemented in these areas.




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