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Second Steering Committee

17th, 18th May 2011

Cambridge, UK




1. Welcome

2. Approval of the Regulation of the Steering Committee

3. Implementation of the communication plan

4. Requested contribution for the website

5. Remodulation of the project budget

6. Pilot projects

a) Pilot Project 1: Institutional Agreements for local Innovation Plans.

Workgroup involves: Sicily Region, Calabria Region, Attika Region, FVMP

b) Pilot Project 3: Help desk for the SME transnational cooperation.

Workgroup involves: all other partners

7. A Presentation by the Scientific Group to the Steering Committee on proposed scope of

the research activity. State of the art for the 3 groups.

a) University of Algarve

b) Anglia Ruskin University

c) CNR

8. Presentation of forms for requested contribution to all partners.

a) Group Actors (University of Algarve)

b) Group Policies (Anglia Ruskin University)

c) Group Tools (CNR)

9. Interactive discussion and questions regarding the research work (all partners)

10. Presentation of the think tank and requested contribution (Lead Partner)

11. The KnowInG Resource Centre – State of the Art and timing for future services delivery

(Lead Partner)

12. The Launch of the Community of Practice (Lead Partner)

13. Presentation of the second issue of the E-Magazine, index and requested contribution.

Eventual suggestions (Anglia Ruskin University)

14. Creative Front presentation

15. Planning the next Coordination Committee meeting in Faro in October 2011

16. Preparation of the Laboratories and Workshops. All partners discuss aims and

methodologies (5 minutes presentation each)

a) Italy

b) Algarve

c) Greece

d) Spain

e) Anglia Ruskin University

17. Decision about the 3rd Steering Committee in April 2012 in Athens – provisional date and

concept of the Congress and ideas on the organization of the Knowledge Fair (Region of

Attika and Lavrion with the support of BIC)


1: Added Value Given by the Internationalization and Mobility of Creative/Knowledge


2: Importance of Interregional and Multilevel Links in Knowledge?Based Services.

19. Preparation of a Call for papers, diffusion of the call and publication of the Instant Book

20. Proposal of the call and deadlines’ plan (Lavrion)







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