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Name of the partner

National Research Council - IRPPS


CNR-IRPPS is an Interdisciplinary Research Institute that conducts studies on demographic and migration issues, welfare systems and social policies, on policies regarding science, technology and higher education, on the relations between science and society, as well as on the creation of, access to and dissemination of knowledge and information technology.


Role in the project


Activities in the project

CNR leads the key activities of the management and communication, but is also a key actor for all those activities/phases which represent a propulsion element in the frame of the project: the Resource Centre creation and the scientific working groups first of all. This institute of the CNR (IRPPS) has great experience in the leading of cooperation projects dealing with the theme of innovation and its impact on the society and the economy. In this project, CNR, which has a national coverage, has the unique possibility to work on the governance of this theme with the double action scale: towards the transnationality and towards the inner territory where the action is even more strengthen by the participation of 2 regions: SICILY and CALABRIA.