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Events of the KnowInG Project





First Coordination Committee, Rome, 15th-16th July 2010


Second Coordination Committee, Palermo 29th November 2010


Launch Conference, Palermo 30th November- 1st December 2010


Second Steering Committee, Cambridge, 17th-18th May 2011


Fourth Coordination Committee, Faro, 24th-25th October 2011


Fifth Coordination Committee, Briatico, 16th-17th May 2012

Sixth Coordination Committee, Athens, Greece, 25th- 26th October 2012


Congress and knowledge fair, Athens, 26th-27th October 2012


KNOWING FINAL CONGRESS, Valencia, 22nd-23rd May 2013

Seventh Coordination Committee meeting, Wednesday 22nd May 2013, ADEIT, Valencia


Fourth Steering Committee meeting, Friday 24th May 2013, ADEIT, Valencia




Innovation Lab for Cultural and Creative Industries, University of Algarve, Campus de Gambelas, Faro, 28th and 29th June 2011


Laboratory of creativeness "SERIOUS GAMES DEVELOPMENT INSIGHTS, IMPLEMENTATION", Region of Attica, Bic of Attica and Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, Media Lab of the National Technical University, Athens, 27th June- 1st July 2011

Laboratory of ideas for the development and growth of design and fashion brands, Corsico, 20th-21st October 2011


Laboratory "Innovative tecnhologies and best practices applicable to rural development as regards energy", Valencia, 19th October 2011


Laboratory "Saving and energy efficiency in rural areas", Valencia, 16th November 2011


Laboratory "Dissemination and awareness of final users", Valencia, 1st December 2011


Laboratory "Creativity Labs", Caltagirone and Bagheria, May 2012

Conference: Trends and Opportunities for Saving and Efficiency in rural areas, Requena Valencia, Spain, 27th of June 2012


Laboratory of Creativeness ‘Marketing Ideas’, University of Algarve, Gambelas Campus, 15th of November-3rd of December 2012

Course of Writing Advertising, Algarve, Portugal


KnowInG Project Component 4.2, Laboratories of Creativeness, Scianna Company, February 2013

KnowInG Project Component 4.2, Laboratories of Creativeness Caltagirone, February\March 2013


Seminars - Workshops


Corteggiando, Corsico(Milano), 20th September 2011


Capacity Building workshop, BIC of Attica, Athens, 8th November 2011


Capitalization Seminar on Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries in the Algarve, Auditorium of the School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Penha Campus of the University of Algarve, 16th March 2012


Capitalization Seminar Calabria Region, Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, 14th May 2012

Workshop: ‘‘Gaming Developments: trends and entrepreneurship and employment perspectives’’ within the framework of the European project MED KnowinG, 13th April 2013 

KnowInG Project Component 1.2, Sicilian Capitalization Seminar: Creativity, innovation and economic growth, Palermo, 27th March 2013

Knowing Project Capitalization Seminar, Energy Efficiency Day, 29th May 2013, Salón de Actos of CEEI Valencia


Capacity building Workshops, Innovative Energy Efficiency Measures in Municipalities, April 2013

System of excellence 22th May 2013

KnowInG Project Capitalization Seminar, “Attica Region’s Conference Room”, Mesogeion Avenue 156, Cholargos, May 29th, 2013