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General objective:

  • to promote and support the KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY and to enhance cooperation of public institutions, research organizations, economic actors for the creation of new innovative development policies in the MED regions.


Specific objectives:

  • to boost agreements, dialogue, cooperation, opportunities for a better collaboration among public authorities, economic and innovation actors by creating a transnational multilevel community of practice and an online RC
  • to influence policy development on innovation by creating a transnational platform of dialogue to map and assess the MED existing policies on Knowledge economy, the current tools used for innovation and the relevant actors working on the creative industry and in the innovation field by setting up 3 multidisciplinary working groups
  • to experiment and pilot the mainstreaming of local short/medium-term innovation plans both for the private and the public sector, through the involvement of subregional stakeholders in a transnational pp.
  • to favor the birth or the strengthening of the creative clusters in the KnowInG regions, by creating the institutional condition(plans, support, assistance)+ the private interest in investing in knowledge business
  • to encourage and foster the common growth of the KnowInG regions based on the knowledge economy by the enhancement of knowhow and the increase of capacity building in the knowledge-based activities
  • to attract innovation and creativity in the MED economy and to favor the mobility of individuals and enterprises operating in the knowledge economy, through the implementation of a pilot project for supporting plans of business settlement
  • to create innovation and creativity in the MED economy, through the organization of workshops and laboratories of creativity/innovation
  • to favor SME's internationalization by piloting a system of assistance +support for those businesses wishing to open their interest/action fields at an international level, through the launch of a pp aimed to setting up some regional help desks for international cooperation


Communication objectives:

  • to raise awareness about the big possibility offered by the knowledge economy to overcome structural delay/gaps and to create economic growth in the involved regions
  • to communicate Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge as prior strategic factors of EU policies for common growth -communicate and disseminate knowhow and experience on functional services/public policies for favoring the creation of knowledge clusters through the promotion of the project results
  • to involve the key decision makers directly in the project direction for mainstreaming the approach and for agreeing the aims.
  • to mainstream and capitalize the project’s result through the direct targeting of the MAs of the regional Structural Funds


Management objectives:

  • set up an efficient and qualified Team able to play the role of local and transnational coordinators both on the project contents and
  • set up a steering board, highly representative of the involved regions and able to directly take decisions + address strategies
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