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KnowInG Project

Component 1.2


Sicilian Capitalization Seminar

Creativity, innovation and economic growth

Palermo, 27 March 2013


The KnowInG Project. Knowledge that creates economy. Partners experience and Sicilian Time Bank and Ceramic Labs cases’.

Target: Art ceramics operators, stakeholders, decision-makers. Mayors of the main Sicilian towns and cities, Time Bank managers, Time Bank associations, trade unions and schools.


- Awareness raising of territorial and transnational potentialities of the added value of the Knowledge Innovation Growth approach

- Information and diffusion about project activities; capitalize and integrate partners experience.



Room of the Tourist Service of Palermo, Villa Igiea



Wednesday, 27 March  2013

Download this file (27 maggio Sicilia.doc)Sicilian Capitalization Seminar[KnowInG Project Component 1.2 Sicilian Capitalization Seminar Palermo, 27 March 2013]2980 Kb
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