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Agreement between FVMP and Segorbe Municipality to develop an innovative plan about energy efficiency


In Valencia Region, the focus of the Knowing Project is the sustainable development of rural areas based on an intelligent use of energy. In the framework of Component 3 of Knowing project: “Transnational platform on policies and tools for the Knowledge economy”, FVMP has the task to develop the Pilot Project 1: Institutional Agreements for Capitalization of Innovation Strategies.

FVMP has contacted with the City Council of Segorbe, in the province of Castellon, that is a municipality with a territory of rural character. This City Council is very active in the subject of energy saving and efficiency, and for that reason, FVMP has decided to carry out the Pilot Project 1 in this municipality. For this, FVMP has signed an agreement with the City Council of Segorbe to develop an Innovative Measures Plan for Energy Efficiency. This Plan will include a study of the current energy situation of Segorbe, and a list of innovative measures to achieve the maximum energy saving in all municipal scopes.

The agreement was signed on 13th February 2013 in Segorbe Municipality, between the Secretary General of FVMP and the Mayor of Segorbe City Council. The Plan will be made from this date to May 2013. The City Council of Segorbe, as the local authority in charge of adopting the Plan in their territory, will commit itself to implement it in a short/medium time.

Download this file (Acuerdo FVMP-Ayto Segorbe firmado.pdf)Acuerdo FVMP-Ayto Segorbe firmado.pdf[ ]981 Kb