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It is more and more evident, especially in the current crisis at global level, that the most important factor to building a new world will be knowledge. The world has to move beyond the classical theory of factors of production where land, labor, and capital were very formidable in the lives of firms to one where knowledge would be most important, as both, physical and intellectual works are more and more "knowledge-based", also considering the strong technological development and its ifluences and relationships with all human activities. knowledge and technology, therefore are key factors of production and, with increased mobility of information and the global workforce, knowledge and expertise can be transported instantaneously around the world, and any advantage gained by one company can be eliminated by competitive improvements overnight.

The comparative advantages of a company are: its process of innovation, combining market and technology, its know how with the creative talents of knowledge workers, and its ability to derive value from information. We are now an information society in a knowledge economy where knowledge management is essential.

Knowledge economy can be defined as the whole of those economic synergies across multiple economic sectors like those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill, talent and which have a potential of wealth and job creation. These creative industries, directly or indirectly, produce cultural products and include not only commercial enterprises but also cultural ones, artists, public and non-profits organizations.
Knowledge- intensive activities (creative or knowledge clusters) are driving forces of growing importance. They include cultural industries, high-tech branches, higher education institutions, research centres and advanced
producer services.

The KnowInG project aims at enhancing the cooperation of the key institutional and economic actors and promotes the “knowledge economy” by launching a transnational dialogue platform on policies, tools and strategies to attract and create “innovation" and “creativity”.

The project provides an on-line resource centre


"The Resource Centre is a tool aiming at sharing knowledge, to provide information and services for enterprises, research centers, universities, policy makers, in order to support innovation and creativity and to improve, extend and connect different communities and networks, in particular in the MED area."

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