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Capitalization Seminar Calabria Region


May 14th, 2012

at the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro

The Seminary of capitalization was held May 14 at the Chamber of Commerce of Catanzaro, in the scope of the KnowInG Project organized by the partners Calabria Region.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the first 6 months of project activities sharing the objectives and methodology with representatives of the economy, knowledge and innovation of the region and of the press and TV. The meeting was opened by the Director Valeria Scopelliti referent the Project for the Region of Calabria, accompanied by Rocco Mercurio, that after doing a brief presentation of the objectives of the project has passed the word to the Regional Minister Internationalization and Cooperation, the Culture and Productive Activities attended the event, who presented a institutional agreement signed by them.

In especially, the 'institutional agreement provides for the sharing of project objectives by engaging everyone for their expertise to translate into action the goals of the project. Following Stefano Zerilli Coser CEO has intervened to present workshops on addressed to gold sector and textiles, the two sectors identified in Calabria because they are considered strategic for the regional economy.

Finally, at the end of the meeting the CNR platform was presented by Caerina Praticò with the objective to involve and bring together the operators of the portals of innovative services in order to promote and ensure proper flow of information sharing and for the benefit of end users. The event has generated great interest among economic actors that intervened in the press and this is seen by the large number of people in attendance, but was equally satisfied the Regional Minister for Policy Euro Mediterranean Luigi Fedele says he is excited about the role European Union within the framework of policies of innovation, a tool that can make the EU a more competitive and dynamic, generating sustainable economic growth, social cohesion and improved levels of employment.

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