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5th Coordination Committee Meeting

16th- 17th  May 2012 in Briatico


It was held on 16 and 17 May 2012 at the village of Baia delle Sirene in the Province of Vibo Valentia Briatico the fifth Coordination Committee of Project Knowing by the partner region of Calabria. Under the guidance of Caterina Praticò, who moderated the works, the following partners of the project participated to the meeting:


Anglia Ruskin University> Clare Denham;
CEEI Valencia - Valencia Business Innovation Centre> Juan Pablo Torregrosa Mira;
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Ricerche sulla Popolazione e Politiche Sociali (IRPPS-CNR)> Caterina, Praticò, Patrizia Grifoni, Fernando Ferri;
Co.Se.r Calabria> Stefano Zirilli, Maria Maieli, Silvia Muraca;
Regione di Attika> AnastasiaBoukouvala, Mary Miska, KostaraVasiliki;
CalabriaRegion> ValeriaScopelliti, Rocco Mercurio;
 Emilio De Lellis, Maria Teresa Folino, Elisabetta Perrone;
SicilyRegion - LabourDepartment> Daniela Segreto, Antonella Madonia;
Università degli Studi di Algarve - CRIA> Maria Cabral; Euridice Cristo, Marisa Madera;
Federazione Valenziana delle Municipalità e Province> AnaUrcullu; Yolanda Nicolau.

After the ritual greetings by the host partner and the presentation of the agenda exposed by Caterina Praticò has gone to the work of the fifth coordination committee. During the two days were exposed by the various partners activities and progress on the KnowingMed, for example: the 'implementations of communication plans, the planning activities of the laboratories and workshops for the summer, demonstrating KnowInGResource Center, and especially each according to their activities, were presented PP1/PP2/PP3.The meeting in addition to show the results produced, it served to make important decisions for example the preparation of the Congress and Exhibition of knowledge in Athens in October..
The two days has aroused considerable interest among partners occurred, not only for reasons related to the project, but because the occasion was made known to the region of Calabria is the art of cooking by guests savor the cuisine of Calabria and national level but for example, visit a local beauty as the town of Tropea calledpearl of the Ionian”.

For the agenda please click here