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Laboratory of ideas for the development and growth of design and fashion brands
20th -21st October 2011

Antica Stazione di Posta – Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27 - Corsico (MI)

In today's business, numerous micro-enterprises are dedicated to the design and implementation of fashion products. These companies are able to offer products of high quality and with an accurate style and can provide excellent results even in the international arena.
However, it was found that their small size, coupled with the difficulties in developing their business and organizational structure, does not allow a growth appropriate for the product quality.
These micro-enterprises are often handled by people with very strong creative skills in the design of products but, at the same time, they have strong gaps in business management skills.
From these considerations the idea of creating a group of professionals and consultants with skills in management and development of an enterprise, for the commercial, communication and management structure.
A team composed of lawyers, consultants in marketing, communications, financial management, and business strategies that can develop ideas and tools for supporting these companies in the early stages of growth and development.

Program of the Laboratory