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Dissemination and awareness of final users

1st December 2011

CEEI Valencia


We aimed to disseminate a series of actions that, without a significant cost, save energy, electricity and water and promote recycling and reuse. Several measures were presented, regarding lighting, heating and appliances, but also waste management, water consumption and mobility. Furthermore, several initiatives at Regional were presented, regarding simple steps at home level that get significant savings in energy and water and therefore, contribute of save some money. A representative from the Valencia Energy Agencia informed on how to study electricity and gas consumption of households and how to save by optimizing our energy bill.

All with the aim of promoting responsible consumption and promote efficient and sustainable development of rural areas within the Region.

This session was addressed at end users in rural settings who want to reduce their electric bill and reduce the impact of their activities on the environment, especially Local Development Agents, councillors, technicians and managers of municipalities, consumer associations, housewives´ associations, managers of rural hotels, etc.

To achieve a multiplier effect and reach the largest number of end users as possible was conveyed information, preferably at ADL's and Associations, which may subsequently spread the word among their neighbours and associates.

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