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Name of the partner

Calabria Region



Description of the main activities

Calabria Region is a territorial entity with its own statute, powers and functions according to the principles laid down in the Constitution of the Italian Republic. Through the Presidency Department - office 5 "Cooperation, Internationalization and Euro-Mediterranean development Policies", Regione Calabria participates in the development of EU policies and in the achievement of the relevant objectives through the participation in programs directly managed by the Directorates-general of the European Commission or by the Implementing Agencies.

Through these funding programs, which are covered in the cycle of European regional policy 2007-2013, Regione Calabria, in concert with other public and private international partners, carries out projects of interregional and transnational cooperation in the following areas: sustainable development, research, education, culture, energy, transport, environmental protection, tourism, etc.


Role in the project


Activities in the project

As a partner, Regione Calabria cooperates in the realization of each component provided by the project. In particular, contributes to the execution of the Steering and Coordination Committees and to the activities of communication and dissemination of the project results, particularly with the production and distribution of leaflets.

Together with other 3 partners, Regione Calabria is responsible for the implementation of a pilot project aimed at drawing up of Institutional Agreements for innovation plans.

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