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Knowledge intensive activities (CREATIVE or KNOWLEDGE CLUSTERS) are driving forces of growing importance. They include cultural industries, high-tech branches, higher education institutions and advanced producer services.

The project "Knowledge Intelligence and Innovation for a sustainable Growth - KnowInG" funded by the STC programme MED, Axe 1: Strengthening innovation capacities, in the Objective 1.2: Strengthening strategic cooperation between economic development actors and public authorities, started on June 1st 2010 and ended on June 31st, 2013.

This project enhances the cooperation of key institutional and economic actors and promotes the “knowledge economy” by launching a transnational dialogue platform on policies, tools and strategies to attract and create “innovation".

KnowInG deals with the common need of the MED regions to find and experiment a better governance of the innovation in the global challenges of the current economy.

The origin of the project lies in the awareness that the regional growth in the MED area passes through the enhancement of the “knowledge economy” and that this is the first field where the economic governance can operate a virtuous circular collaboration among the key actors for the achievement of the growth objectives.

In fact, the general objective of KnowInG was to promote and support the “knowledge economy” and to enhance the cooperation and the encounter among the public institutions, the innovation organizations and the economic actors for the creation of new territorial development policies.

In the created partnership the above said 3 typologies of actors are present, coming from 5 countries and operating in 8 regions: 7 MED regions and 1 EU no-MED.


The main results produced by the project are:

The KnowInG project deliverables can be accessed here.

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